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"Sue's Quilting Company" will soon be "Capital Fabrics & Quilts"
"Sue's Quilting Company" will soon be "Capital Fabrics & Quilts"
Message from Bound To Be Quilting:
The Solare BOM pattern has multiple blocks that are a little more challenging, but wouldn’t be considered difficult. We think this quilt will appeal to “intermediate” quilters. For the coloration of this quilt, we strove for an earth and sky look using browns, oranges and greens that reflect nature, with the blues and golds of the heavens; a combination that should be pleasing to both men and women.
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Meet the Northcott Designers
Pat & Mini met while working at, and designing for, Colorado quilt shop. They started their own company - Bound To Be Quilting - in 2016 and have been designing unique quilting patterns even since.
Solare Block of the Month
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Sue's Quilting Company
111 East High Street
Jefferson City, MO 65101
(573) 896-5661

  • Quilt Width: 99"
  • Quilt Length: 99"
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
BOM Includes
  • Monthly Pattern
  • Fabric 
  • QR code for Tutorials
  • Project Support
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BOM  Program Terms & Conditions
It is understood that when you register for the Block of the Month program, you are registering for the entire program and that you agree to participate for the duration.

Please ensure you have sufficient funds on your credit or debit card. A $25 NSF fee will be applied for declined payments.

Also, please note - while we do accept all major credit and debit cards for Registration Fee, we will need a credit or debit card on file for the duration of the program.

All programs have a $25 start-up fee: this fee is non-refundable. 

All programs are available for pick-up in the store at 111 East High Street, Jefferson City, Missouri, beginning the last Saturday of the month. Mail orders will be sent the next business day, with a $8.00 monthly shipping charge.

We ask that you check the components in each installment when they arrive, even if you are not working on the project. If there is a problem or for some other reason you do not receive your next expected block, please contact us at or call us at (573) 896-5661. We connot be responsible for missing blocks if you wait to notify us.

Please remember to update us with any new credit or debit card information if your card has expired or has been replaced.

There may be fabric substitutions, but the fabrics will remain as close to the online photos as possible. Each program includes instructions and all the fabrics that you need to complete the top including binding. Backing and batting can be ordered to co-ordinate with your kit. Pre-fused Bloack of the Month Programs: Pre-cut, prefused kits are the lastest and greatest in the quilting industry.

Customers love these kits because they are ALL fun and no work! Quality fabric and fusible are featured in these kits so they are sure to create lovely heirlooms. Once fused, the quilter can decide on the preferred finishing technique, from edge to edge quilting patterns or if leaving as a wall hanging, don;t stitch at all! For those registered in one of our Block of the Month programs, you can pick up your kit the last Saturday of the month except December when you can pick up on the 19th.

Upon sign up, we offer an insurance bundle for any oops that might occur! Bundles will include 1 fat eighth (9" x 21") or one Fat Quarter (18" x 21") of each fabric used in your BOM program. Cost vary and are listed with each program when you sign up.
Credit Card on file is active. Can do ACH from your checking account if perfered.
No Pre-Paid Cards or Starter Checks
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