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"Sue's Quilting Company" will soon be "Capital Fabrics & Quilts"
"Sue's Quilting Company" will soon be "Capital Fabrics & Quilts"
Shipping Issues

Shipping Issues

Sue's Quilting Company along many others are having shipping issues. We don't know the cause of the delivery problem and we have spoken to the highest level we could go. Recently we have seen a huge change.

Earlier this year we found Customers were shipping quilts to us and we never received the package, or when we ship the finished quilts out, the Customer never received the package. An issue which is best explained sickening and frighting. Our insurance claims rose 20%. A huge increase for a small business and possible loss of a part of our family. 

USPS/UPS/FedEx are the common carriers for the US. After sending faced invoices for the cost which is normally 7 times the cost of the fabric of a quilt. Our shipping has made a drastic turn for the better. $102,689 in claims in the past 7 months grabbed someone attention. 

Our recent policy changes, a positive step. Knowing we use all 3 carriers. We have divided the map to which carrier we use is depending on where the Customer lives.

  • East Coast, we use FedEX.
  • West Coast we use UPS.
  • USPS Priority Service for everywhere else.

We will send a shipping label to Customers to ensure delivery and we can track the movement of the quilt until we physically take possession. Depending on the estimated value, we may place a signature delivery only on the shipment. 

There is alot we have learned over the past few years - we have made necessary changes to our policy. Such as new insurance while in possession of the Customers quilts, $40,000 policy is automatically given to each quilt top and its contents. Each shipment is also insured. 

We are proud and honored to treat every quilt like our own. Much like you don't mess with Family. Sue's Quilting Company is just the same when it comes to our Family, the Customer. 

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