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"Sue's Quilting Company" will soon be "Capital Fabrics & Quilts"
"Sue's Quilting Company" will soon be "Capital Fabrics & Quilts"
Raising Prices?

Raising Prices?

Among popular belief - our service-based pricing will remain the same. 1.35 cents per square inch not including other discounts. The 1.35 cents per square inch still gives FREE 8oz poly batting and single-color thread.  Sewing machine service will not change either at $50 Flat Fee plus cost of parts, even though this service is running about 4-6 weeks behind. 

Sue's Quilting Company does not nickel and dime. Every penny counts and especially now with gas prices, interest rates, cost of food at the grocery store all increasing. It is important for us to keep to the basics and help Family, Customer. 

We have found other companies like us are refusing to long arm quilt top which are not square or doesn't have at lease 4-6 inch extra backing. NO - We will not stand for this. We believe you did all the hard work in making your quilt top and the Customer is coming to us to help with the finishing touches. We will do everything we can to complete the Customers quilt. With many years of experience passed down through generations of quilt makers. We have seen it all - not to mention we are creative in solutions for the perfect quilt.

Our long arm machine by Nolting was custom built for our needs and can handle a XL California King. With that being said, we were having Customers wanting intricate design and close stitching. We have accomplished this need with a computerized system with over 3000+ patterns to choose from. Those same patterns can be used for the hand-guided machine as well. You can see our work even in the State of Missouri's Governor's Mansion. 

Even though we are growing, and our overhead has increased. Service-Based pricing has not and will not change anytime soon. Fabric pricing has slightly increased and this we are very sorry and beyond our control. Due to such increases, we have added other brands which offer a buget conscience pricing.

We are here thanks to our Customers. Once a customer uses Sue's Quilting Company service. They are Family to us. 

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