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"Sue's Quilting Company" will soon be "Capital Fabrics & Quilts"
"Sue's Quilting Company" will soon be "Capital Fabrics & Quilts"

In The News Sue's Quilting Company

  • Sewing Machine Price Changes
    July 28, 2022

    Sewing Machine Price Changes

    Sue's Quilting Company will be changing service pricing structure for sewing machine services for domestic machines. Basic service (cleaning, oiling, timing setting and tensions) is still $50 as promised. Repair services is now $25.00 per hour. Express service is additional...

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  • Raising Prices?
    July 12, 2022

    Raising Prices?

    Among popular belief - our service-based pricing will remain the same. 1.35 cents per square inch not including other discounts. The 1.35 cents per square inch still gives FREE 8oz poly batting and single-color thread.  Sewing machine service will not...

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  • Shipping Issues
    July 12, 2022

    Shipping Issues

    Sue's Quilting Company along many others are having shipping issues. We don't know the cause of the delivery problem and we have spoken to the highest level we could go. Recently we have seen a huge change. Earlier this year we...

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  • Remodeling
    July 11, 2022


    Sue's Quilting Company will start the first phase of their remodeling August 2022. James and Sue has decided to remain open during the first phase. "Majority of the work being done will be on the weekends, mostly Sunday and during...

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